For Producers

Empowering Producers and bringing efficiency, reliability and security to the agricultural supply chain.

For Storage Operators

Helping growers, elevators and drivers work together in a better, faster and more secure way.

For Buyers

Harnessing blockchain technology and smart contracts to build a better market for buyers.

How does it work?

GrainChain’s suite of products work together to bring efficiency, reliability and accountability to every stage of the agricultural supply chain.

Provides a comprehensive transaction platform for producers and buyers

Benefits of the Trumodity Transaction Platform

  • Reduces uncertainty and cycles of debt as Producers receive payments more quickly and with more payment options.
  • Smart contracts guarantee reliable and efficient transactions. They are executed automatically with no additional intervention needed, eliminating costs and delays.
  • Easily create complex, multi-party contracts utilizing online tools.
  • Facilitates non-local and international market access to small or medium size Producers.
  • Producers can hedge using forward contracts and optional insurance products.
  • Ability to track commodities from the field enables lenders to open up financing for growers.
  • All data is securely and accurately stored on the blockchain, eliminating waste and fraud.
  • Manage your transactions and data from your mobile device.
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Complete preharvest management from seed to harvest.

Benefits of Seed Audit Preharvest Management

  • Capture receipts for seeds and fertilizers
  • Geofence your farm land and planting area
  • Auditor portal for independent third-party verifiers
  • Securely store all certification records
  • Document crops with photos linked to additional data including geolocation
  • Avoid fraud through complete in-app documentation of commodity data
  • Complete traceability starts at the seed stage
  • Facilitate virtual meetings and trainings with agronomists
  • Seamlessly integrates with GrainChain’s suite of products or can be used independently
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All-in-one solution for inventory management for Producers, grain elevators and storage operators

Benefits of the SiloSys Platform

  • Instant access to harvest inventory data such as quantity and quality with real time tracking
  • Quick payments for commodities sold
  • 24/7 real time access to portal through mobile device
  • Instant transfer of tradable title for purchased commodity
  • Improve operational efficiencies through digitizing and automating workflows
  • Reduction of errors and redundancy by eliminating manual entry
  • Generate instant audit documents for government and insurance inspections
  • Attract more customers by offering faster payments and title assignment
  • Feel secure with data and transactions recorded and stored on the cloud on an immutable blockchain
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Streamlines logistics to make pickup and delivery of commodities easy

Benefits of the HarvX Platform

  • Digitized field tickets minimize mistakes and lost inventory
  • Schedule and coordinate deliveries online
  • Track inventory in real-time from any location
  • Receive delivery confirmation and verify quantity and quality data in real-time
  • Guide drivers through your farm directly to your harvest with our Follow Me In/Follow Me Out feature
  • Submit payments to drivers digitally
  • Simplified on-the-spot reporting
  • Mobile app accessible from anywhere
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Building security, transparency and efficiency into our solutions


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