Trumodity is GrainChain's comprehensive transaction platform for the agricultural industry. Trumodity facilitates prompt payment to producers and suppliers and the immediate availability of tradable commodities to buyers. It attacks fraud and corruption through certification and accountability while streamlining procedures that burden the marketplace and its participants. Trumodity's innovative blockchain architecture creates a secure, immutable record of commodity data and transactions along the entire supply chain.

Seed Audit brings the efficiency, transparency and reliability of our postharvest solutions to the preharvest process. All data from seed to harvest (seed receipts, fertilizers, geofenced crop maps, etc) is recorded and tracked securely through our solution, while also allowing for audits and certification.

SiloSys is an IoT and blockchain-enabled inventory management system for producers and storage operators. It digitizes and automates all business processes and operations, eliminating manual data input and providing reliable inventory and accounting records. The SiloSys mobile app is an extension of the desktop application which has already successfully processed billions of pounds of commodities and has been in use by hundreds of farmers since 2013.

Transformation is an added feature for SiloSys Inventory Management for commodities that require complex processing like coffee, wheat and palm oil. It offers complete transparency and real time status updates of the commodity as it progresses through the processing plant from raw material to finished product. Reception, quality and quantity measurements and organization of multiple production batches all are captured automatically and digitally.

HarvX makes logistics easy by connecting drivers and producers directly. Producers can schedule pickup and delivery when they need it, as well as guide drivers through their farms directly to the harvest location. Drivers can accept jobs, schedule future jobs and receive payments all from their mobile app. Facilities like grain elevators and silos can also track and manage drop offs easily through the mobile app. HarvX adds yet another layer of security, efficiency and accountability to the GrainChain suite of products.

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