Nutrition and health: Lesson plan

Help your students understand and apply the prinicples of healthy eating and nutrition.

Help your students understand the basic prinicples of nutrition and healthy eating so that they are better able to make healthy and informed choices over their diet.

Investigate how nutritional requirements change over a lifetime; as well as the role bread and flour products play in keeing us healthy both here in the UK and elsewhere.

Associated resources:

Help your students understand and apply knowledge of the role of different food and drinks in the diet; and at different stages of life.
Presentation to discuss the concept of energy balance and how this changes throughout life; and of the role flour-based dishes in a healthy and balanced diet.  Accompanying worksheet 'Lifestages and energy balance' available.
Understand that we all have different nutritional requirements at different stages of our lives.  This worksheet accompanies 'Life stages and energy balance' presentation.
The LO here is for students to explain the principles of the eatwell plate, highlighting the role of flour and other grains in the diet.
Worksheet asking students to recall and appraise their diet from the previous day, in line with the eatwell guide.
On-screen game asking students to identify where in the world different flour-based dishes are from. Students get to see how important flour is throughout the world and how it is a basis for many celebratory dishes.


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