Gelatinisation lesson plan

Making a sauce is a mainstay in cookery. These series of resources aim to help students understand the science behind their food, and in particular the role of flour in thickening a sauce.

Understanding sauces is a critical part of cookery, here we explore the scientific process of gelatinisation and the role of flour in thickening sauces. Understanding these principles will aid succesful cookery.

Associated resources:

Lesson plan exploring the role of flour when making sauces.
Classroom experiment to explore the role of flour and gelatinisation when making different kinds of sauces.
Indepth understanding of different kinds of sauces and the science behind how they are thickened.
Blueprint cauliflower cheese recipe. Can be used in conjunction with lesson plan on gelatinisation.
Recipe for a tuna and broccoli bake. Video can be found here.
Recipe for tuna and pasta bake. Great to use alongside learning into gelatinisation.


14-16 Cooking Food Science Activity Information Presentation