Exploration of bread: Lesson plan

Bread in one form or another is available in most cultures on earth. Find out a bit more about the different varieties and then have a go at cooking some of them.

There are so many different types of bread available. Find out a bit more about them; its nutritional value; and then have a go at cooking some.

Associated resources:

Explore a range of bread baking techniques and to prepare and adapt a yeasted flatbread dough. Includes a recipe and video for Paul Hollywood's coriander and olive.
Presention exploring a range of bread types available. Includes on-screen game to identify different breads.
Guide to keeping your students safe and hygienic in the kitchen.
Sheet for students to keep a record of the skills they have demonstrated during  practical cookery.
A blueprint chapatti recipe to accompany the lesson exploring flatbreads.
A Paul Hollywood recipe for coriander and olive flatbread. Good to use in a lesson as they can be shallow fried thereby reducing the time taken to cook. An accompanying video is also available.
Blueprint recipe for yeasted naan bread. Can be used in conjunction with lesson on 'Exploration of bread'.


14-16 Cooking Activity Information Presentation Video