Bread baking: Lesson plan

Explore the function of the ingredients in bread; carry out some scientific experiments; cook your own bread rolls and carry out a sensory evaluation.

Bread is eaten by most of us every day. But how much do we really know about where bread comes from and the science behind each and every ingredient. Explore more here.

Associated resources:

Investigate the science of baking and the function of ingredients by exploring and baking your own bread. 
Help your students understand the function of ingredients in bread.
Classroom experiment to investigate the gluten content of different types of flour.
Presentation outlining the main types of flour available in the UK and the differenes in their functional and nutritional properties.
Photographic step-by-step guide through the stages of baking bread.
Outline of the properties and funtions of the major ingredients of bread.
Sheet to record key information on bread baking.
Bread roll recipe to use in the classroom. Can also be used to make pizza bases.
Sheet for students to conduct a sensory evaluation of bread; plus star diagram for the to analyse and depict their findings.
Sheet to record key information on bread baking.
Help your students cement their knowledge of the science behind bread baking with this onscreen Guess the Words game.


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