What can you make with flour: Lesson plan

Explore the provenance of wheat flour and some of the many foods it goes on to make.

Help your students understand where their food comes from, with particular emphaises on where bread comes from and  other foods that are made with flour. 

Includes information on how to run a tasting session as well as a double sided tasting passport for your students to complete.

Associated resources:

Food provenance session where the Learning Outcome is for students to understand that flour comes from wheat and that flour goes on to make bread and a variety of other foods.

Flour is a versatile food which goes in to a wide array of products. This presentation outlines some of the many foods which include flour and also has a whole-class game at the end.

Letter template to send home to find out whether any of your students have any food allergies. Useful before tasting discovery session or practical cookery lessons.

Teachers' guide to run a tasting discovery session in the classroom. Please also see the 'Tasting discovery passport' download to use in your session.

A print-out 'passport' that your students can fill in during a tasting discovery session. We have produced guidelines for running the session: 'Tasting discovery session' with suggestions and ideas for running a session in the classroom.


5-7 Food provenance Activity Information Presentation Video