How to make a super sandwich: Lesson plan

A great introduction practical cooking for very young students.

An introduction for young students to safe and hygienic food preparation. Also some investigation into healthy eating and food provenance.

This is a lesson plan and contains all the resources you need. You can of course adapt and use the plan or resources to suit you and your students.

Associated resources:

A clear guide to support you to run a practical cooking lesson in a primary school

Photographic presentation to support students to identify and understand the necessary steps to take before practical cooking session at school

Letter template to ask parents whether children have any food allergies.

Activity sheet and checklist to support your young students to think of different breads and fillings to make a sandwich.

In the process of making a sandwich the children will gain a deeper understanding of healthy eating; develop a range of cooking skills, understand the required steps to ensure that food preparation is safe and hygienic; and explore personal...


5-7 Cooking Activity