How to make scones: Lesson plan

A tried-and-tested product to make in the classroom with a group of young children.

Great recipe to introduce students to cooking. A range of skills are developed. Children can work individually, in pairs or in small groups.ย 

Lesson plan also includes information on fibre and healthy eating as well as including links to ย related videos, ย recipes and presentations.

Associated resources:

Tried-and-tested classroom recipe for cheese scones, with some suggestions for adaption.

Letter template to ask parents whether children have any food allergies.

A guide to help you prepare for a practical cooking lesson in a primary school.

Classroom presentation outlining steps your students need to follow to be safe and hygienic when cooking. Great in helping set out a class routine.

Lesson plan to make cheese scones with children, including information on fibre and healthy eating.


7-11 Cooking Activity Information Presentation