How do you grow wheat? Lesson plan

A great introduction into food provenance looking at where bread comes from.

Support your students to find out more about food provenance by investigating where bread comes from and the best conditions for growing a succesful wheat crop.

Associated resources:

Information sheet on food provenance investigating where bread comes from and how wheat is milled into flour.

Presentation on food provenance that explores the main cereal crops grown in the UK and some of the food products they go on to make

Presentation into where food comes from; looking at the jobs a cereal farmer does throughout the year to achieve a successful harvest.

Food provenance activity session for children to grow their own wheat plants; to help them gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from.

Record sheet to accompany the How to grow wheat activity.

Food provenance lesson plan designed to help your students understand more about where food comes from, looking particularly at how cereal farmers grow their crops.


5-7 Food provenance Activity Presentation