Baker Bingo

Game for the whole class to play either individually or in small groups.

Be the baker

Test your knowledge of bread-making in the bakery!

Choose the site for a flour mill

Desk based activity for groups or individuals to discuss the factors to consider when building a mill.


What is energy, why do we need it? What are the food groups? Follow Energenie.

Energy in energy out

Explore why we need energy and where it comes from.

Follow the grain chain

Follow the interactive trail to build up a picture of the chain from field to fork.

Food on a plate

Do you know what you're eating? Do you have a healthy diet? Try our interactive food plate.

Freddy Flourbag

Dare you face Freddy Flourbag and his challenge? Have fun testing your knowledge of the grain chain.

Growing our wheat

Take an interactive trip down to the farm.

Guess the word

Two guess the word templates to enhance your students’ baking knowledge.

Match it up

Match up local foods with the area in the UK they are associated with.

Mix it up

Choose the ingredients for a perfect loaf of bread!