Grain Chain is a comprehensive educational resource providing a wide range of teaching materials exploring farming, food and healthy eating within the context of the wheat growing and flour milling industry. You can browse by age, subject area or topic.

Top primary lesson plans

How is grain healthy? Lesson plan

How eating grain keeps you healthy
Explore the role eating grain has within a healthy balanced diet.
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What is healthy eating? Lesson plan

Introduce the foundations of healthy eating to your students.
Help your students choose a healthy and balanced diet by introducing the foundations of healthy eating.
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What can you make with flour: Lesson plan

Investigate the versatility of flour
Explore the provenance of wheat flour and some of the many foods it goes on to make.
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Top secondary lesson plans

Nutritional requirements: Lesson plan

Lesson plan and activities to cover topic of nutritional requirements and energy balance

Carbohydrates and health: Lesson plan

Help your students stay healthy by teaching them the foundations of a healthy, balanced diet.
Investigate the role of cereals and cereal products in a varied diet. Comment on the importance of carbohydrates in the diet and how cereal and grain dishes can contribute. Use a nutrition analysis programme to calculate the energy and nutrients provided by a dish (or dishes) in...
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The role of cereals in a healthy balanced diet: Lesson plan

Explore how cereal products keep you healthy
Investigate the contribution carbohydrates make to the diet; and the importance of cereal-based products in staying fit and healthy.
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Printed resources

Help your pupils explore the journey from field to plate with one or all of our educational story posters; a great addition to your lesson plans or as an additional classroom resource.