Milling Wheat into Flour - Classroom Resource

All of the food that we eat comes from either plants or animals. And it is important that children learn the journey of the food that ends up on their plate. We have a selection of resources to help you achieve this.

You can order a Wheat into Flour pack which includes seven samples of wheat as it passes through a flour mill - this also clearly shows the efficiency of flour milling - the only waste in the process is the inedible 'screenings' that are removed at the first stage. Other than this every single part gets eaten.

There is also a video that accompanies the pack - which you could use on its own also. This can be viewed here and shows what happens within a moderm flour mill and the machinery that is used. Wheat into Flour Video.

We value feedback on our resources so please do tell us what you think and we will endeavour to meet your needs.