Chefs Galore

During Healthy Eating Week, we visited Hearsall Primary School in Coventry to show them the joys of baking, the science behind a good ‘rise’ and develop their understanding of where their food comes from.  

As well as donating special Grain Chain aprons and chefs hats to the school, we’d like to think we also left them with some valuable life lessons to help keep them healthy, happy and inspired to learn more. They certainly look happy.

The baking day was organised to help celebrate the launch of the recently updated Grain Chain website.  We teamed up with the Fun Kitchen Cookery School, a fantastic two man team delivering fun, hands-on cookery classes in schools across the UK. Together we delivered a great day of baking and cooking activities as well as a few well-chosen scientific activities to help teach them the science behind the bread they were making.

It was hardly surprising the kids all had a fabulous day and the teachers were so impressed they’d like us to go back and put on baking days for all the other children at the school.   

You don’t need us to tell you that practical cookery is now compulsory for children aged 5 to 14 and with current research suggesting one in five children leave primary school overweight or obese, there has never been a better time to shout about the importance of food education in keeping our children healthy.

20160617 Hearshall school-girl and bread.jpgIt’s amazing what you can make when you try, like this tasty carrot bread.

With the cooking all done the children went on to see yeast in action using a plastic bottle, some warm water and a balloon.  Great fun was had by all and even though some of the balloons ended up flying around the school hall, it was clear the children had learnt how yeast plays a vital role in the baking process.  

All the year 6 students had a great day and in true style showed their appreciation with a big cheer.  The school, keen to make good use of their newly acquired hats and aprons, has already planned to use them again.


Our Lesson Plans for use in classrooms and associated with this activity can be found below:
This primary lesson plan investigates the role of raising agents and also includes a practical element (making soda bread):

And this secondary lesson covers function of ingredients, including the role of gluten:



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