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Where does bread come from?

This topic provides a range of resources and lessons to get children to explore the different stages of the grain chain, from the wheat seed on the farm, to the bread rolls on the breakfast table.

Objectives for this lesson

* To understand the stages of development the wheat grain goes through in order to become something we can eat
* To be aware that, historically, a windmill was used in the grain chain process and to understand that it needs wind to make it work
* To understand that the blades on a windmill are moved by wind and
* To have a basic understanding that wind gives a windmill power
* To know and name various types of bread products and understand that it all comes from the 'grain chain'.



Five lesson plans are given for you to select from, based on lessons up to 1 hour. The two science/ geography/environmental studies-based lessons cover the main content of this topic between them. There is a further choice of one of two lessons based on IP 'Bread in all different shapes and sizes'. Both have a creative focus. The final lesson is based on a baking bread activity which could be covered at this point or as part of the 'Fun with flour' topic if time is restricted.

Lesson 1: From wheat seed to table >

Lesson 2: The grain chain >

Lesson 3: Bread in all different shapes and sizes >

Lesson 4: Bread in all different shapes and sizes >
interactive whiteboard The Grain Chain
Where does bread come from? Follow the interactive trail to find out
video Baking video
See thousands of loaves of bread being made!
interactive whiteboard Baking bread
Put the stages in the right order to bake a loaf of bread
info page From wheat seed to table
How does that little wheat seed turn into your breakfast?
activity sheet What Happens Next (pdf)
Can you put the stages in order?
(Word version)

activity sheet Make Your Own Windmill (pdf)
And choose how to decorate it  
 (Word version)
info page Bread in all shapes and sizes
So many different types which one's your favourite?
activity sheet Make Your Own Bread (pdf)
From flour and a few other things - it's magic!
(Word version)

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