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Case study (Science and Geography): Farming wheat

This case study could be delivered as a discrete lesson, or as a package studied by groups within a class with the results of the research being presented to the whole group in a plenary session.

Objectives for this lesson

* To develop an appreciation of an assigned topic through an accurate presentation of the salient points
* To develop an understanding of the overall picture of farming wheat through the presentations of other group members
* To analyse the case study provided on Upper Farm in the light of the background knowledge developed
* To carry out research on behalf of a group on an assigned topic and share the findings with the group
* To develop presentation skills (written, oral and mathematical)
* To practise extracting information from data.



Single lesson, of 50 minutes to 1 hour.

Starter activity

If relevant, recap the key stages of the grain chain that are covered in IWB 'Introducing the grain chain'.

Main activity

Organise the class into groups, so that each group has five students. Each student should read and research one IP within the case study and prepare a presentation of findings for the rest of the group:

Wheat farming Storing the grain Pests and pesticides The wheat market Wheat farming and sustainable development

Students should report back to their group.

The whole group studies IP 'Farming case study:Upper Farm'. Encourage a group discussion about how this example illustrates previously gathered knowledge.


Each group prepares a report of their main findings (to share with class or for personal records).

Homework or extension ideas

If this material is being used other than as a discrete lesson, the results of the deliberations will need to be presented to an agreed format (PowerPoint or exhibition format).

info page Wheat farming (Science)
The structure of the wheat plant, and how wheat is farmed in the UK
info page Storing the grain (Science)
How the harvested wheat grain is stored, and its quality maintained
info page Pests and pesticides (Science)
Their impact on wheat farming and storage
info page The wheat market
The UK wheat market and current issues in farming
info page Wheat farming and sustainable development
Keeping farming productive today and sustainable tomorrow
info page Farming case study: Upper Farm
Looking in detail at life on one farm in Hampshire
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